Although humor may take temporary hiatus from time to time, it has always been _ and will continue to be, part of the political landscape.

In fact, similar versions of the same political jokes can be found dating back to ancient Greece. In the postcolonial era in America, the partisan press often relied on satire to smear the opposition. Decades later, the press ushered in the era of yellow journalism in which political humor was used to entertain and sell newspapers. Literary figures have also been quick to poke fun at the absurdities of the political system and those who run it.

In recent years, political satirists have gained a great deal of visibility and influence.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert publish books and show themselves to be very influential with the present day fragmented audiences.  And with this influence use it to underhandedly portray a more positive picture of the Democratic Party and a generally more negative view on the Republican.


But hey, they are only feeding into the demographics of the present.


The reality of the demographics that are in this country is that the Republican party is not reaching them. The base of being fiscally conservative and less big government has had so many things tagged onto it in the past year and everyone analyzing this political field is saying the same thing.

Republicans have to shift and change and adapt or risk continual defeats.

One way in which they might open themselves up to this is by adopting more “soft news” outlets, specifically humorists to be in their favor. Currently the reigning comedians are not on the republican’s side and have field days whenever a republican says anything that comes from a more extreme position.  By using the soft news outlets as a way to present a new platform and a “new” party that is more open on the issues and willing to discuss pressing social agendas, the GOP could usher in a new era.

Popular culture and humor is helping and enforcing the demographics that are electing presidents and this is definitely defending and helping democrats.

Their grasp on pop culture and the effects of humor on elections is stronger every year and if the Republicans don’t reorganize and gain a sense of humor, they will continue to lose out.


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